Swallowing Stones Book Review

Swallowing Stones is a book full of suspense about an accident that had taken place that had started a chain reaction changing many people’s lives. Michael Mackenzie shot his Winchester into the air on July 4th while showing it off to his friends. What he did not know was that he had accidentally killed a man, and he would pay the price.

There are 2 main characters in this book; Michael Mackenzie, the accidental murderer and Jenna Ward, the man’s dead daughter. After Michael finds out that he was the one that fired the gun, he met up with joe and told him to keep it secret or he might go to jail. Even so, Michael still feels guilt throughout the book that he can’t shake and starts thinking a lot deeper about everything that had happened and eventually turns himself in.

Meanwhile Jenna is overwhelmed with her father dying and feels guilty herself asking “What if…” Jenna wanted revenge for whoever had made her family suffer, but then she realized she just wanted it to end. She wanted to accept her father’s death, but she had to come to terms with herself before she could accept it.

Mr. Ward’s death mixes into both of their personal lives as the feel anxiety and guilt, they are different around their friends and family. Jenna and Michael’s lives become chaos as misunderstanding and broken trust come into the mix.

Bike Ride

         Crack! My bike starts to wobble and I fall over. I examine my bike and find out the chain has come off a couple minutes from the bike rental we got our bikes from in Destin, Florida.  I try to look for help but there is no one in sight.  It was just me and my bike.

         I don’t know what happened at all. We were all at the hotel and there was 1 bike left to take back to the rental, and I volunteered to take it and just before the corner to turn into the rental my chain just broke right off.

         After my chain broke off, I sat there for five minutes waiting for someone to come by and help me fix my bike.  My dad was following me so I wouldn’t get lost but I don’t see him in sight either.  No one was coming so I took matters into my own hands.

I flipped my bike upside down and took my small fingers and started working the chain back on to the small hinges.  I kept trying and trying and boom, I finally did it.

         I finally did it and i put my bike upright again and peddled to the rental and turned it in.  I also found my worried dad sitting on the bench.  I walked over to him and told him what happened, and we went back to the hotel safe and sound.   


The Showboat



It has been three long hard years without a field trip to relax our minds and have fun.  I suggest we go to the USS North Carolina for an enjoyable and informative time.

The USS North Carolina is enjoyable because you can get on board and run around and through the ship,but don’t lose sight of the guide or you might get lost in the twists and turns of the ship.  Before you enter the ship you go through a building with people and their World War 2 antiques like bayonets and grenades. Don’t point the guns at your face, it my go off.  Finally there is a short film you can watch to learn more about the ship and how it got it’s nickname the Showboat.  Don’t fall asleep of you will be left in the dark room alone.

The USS North Carolina is also informative, because while you are running around the ship the guide is telling you about each and every room, so listen carefully and you’ll be able to learn more about the ship.  They also show you the Anti-Aircraft shells that the men had to carry around the ship to get to the actual Anti-Aircraft gun and how big they were.  Finally they show how they communicated through 728.8 feet of metal.

Running around the ship was informative and enjoyable and it was a very interesting to learn about the ship, and this a trip we should go on.


To Dallas

To Dallas


To Dallas we go during the break,

crammed in a car with my sister and her friends,

to the mall to find a prom dress,

so many choices, i want to go home,

a couple more hours and i fall asleep,

back to the home where i am at peace,

with the dress chosen the adventure ends,

i can sit and play where another begins.